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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stewards of Our Job

Hello again Friend, it's good to have you back!  I was thinking about my current, primary job, and wondered if I was being a good steward?  Please take a few minutes and take the poll at the top of the blog.  I appreciate your honest and anonymous feedback!  Well, back to the post....
If all we have is from God, and it is!  

And, all that God gives us we are to exercise stewardship over, which we are to do!

Then it certainly falls true that I should exercise stewardship over the job that God has given me!

So, how do I do that?!  Here's a few Biblical guidelines for us:

> Do your job 'heartily, as unto the Lord' - Colossians 3:23

The encouragement here is this, your boss should never perceive you as being a 'sloth' when it comes to the work you are being paid to perform.  The word 'heartily' means to work 'with good will' and not out of some sense of necessity.  Have you ever said to yourself, or worse out loud to others, "the only reason I'm doing this job is because I have to"?  Your attitude toward your job will directly influence and impact your performance in that job.  Friend, look at your job as a God-given job.  Do every part of your work as unto Him.  Treat your job as if God were your boss!  After all, the money you get from your job really doesn't come from your earthly employer.

> Knowing your payment is 'from the Lord' - Colossians 3:24

These truths help me understand better how to be a good steward of the job God has given me.  I trust they will help you too!

hat's all for now but check back soon for more REDD-INK!



  1. This is another good post, Randy! I esp. like the lines, "Your attitude toward your job will directly influence and impact your performance in that job. Friend, look at your job as a God-given job."

    Praying I'll keep a great attitude about my work.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. The timing of your post is so ironic that it could only be a "God-thing". Thank you for posting this. I got a lot out of it!

  3. Hey Honey,

    I'm sure glad I'm married to you!



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