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Saturday, December 15, 2012


Q: What is it time for? 
Certainly it is time to mourn with those who have lost loved ones in Newtown, CT.  This we all must do.

Q: What is it time for? 
Some will say it is time for more stringent gun control.  Such thoughts are mis-guided and politically charged to say the least.  

Q: What is it time for? 
Our President quoted from the Bible, all are calling for the nation to mourn and pray.  This was a 20 year old who grew-up in a system where "prayer" and the "Ten Commandments" were no where to be seen in his classrooms.

Q: What is it time for? 
It's time to put the 10 Commandments back into our classrooms and to allow for our students to engage in prayer in their schools.  

We will remember these families and keep them in our prayers, and will continue to long for a nation that turns to God in good time as well as in bad.  Nuff said.  

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Bigger Reflection

OK, so the moon really does look bigger than usual.  This is an exaggeration, but I thought it was cool! 

You've probably heard the metaphor of the moon being a reflection of the sun in the same way that Christians are to be a reflection of the Son (of God, Jesus!)  Well, if you haven't, you just did!  Now, with all the excitement about the moon being so close to earth, it truly does appear to be bigger...and there are many photo's all over the web that folks have taken to try to out-do each other.

Wouldn't it be cool if those who call themselves Christians, would try to out-do each other in being a bigger reflection of the Son?!  Yeah, I think so too.  In Acts 11 the followers of Christ were first called 'Christians' because they reflected the lifestyle and acted like 'little Christs'!  How many folks who call themselves Christians today live a lifestyle that would cause those looking on to refer to them as followers of Jesus Christ?  Ouch, that hurt my own toes! 

Point is, do I possess an incredible confidence that God can change lives, as the Sovereign Lord of the Universe?  Do I really believe He is real?  My brother and Pastor friend, John Avant, wrote a book, "If God Were Real: A Journey into a Faith that Matters", where he challenges the reader, if we truly believe that God was real, we'd live more like, well, there's only one word for it, we'd live more like we were Christians. 

As I close this entry, can I ask you a question?  "Does your life reflect to your spouse and family, your very closest friends, that you believe God is real?"  I am challenged to start every day asking myself this question...and then plead with God to help me live such a life.  Take the challenge with me...let's be bigger reflectors of the Son of God!

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