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Saturday, December 15, 2012


Q: What is it time for? 
Certainly it is time to mourn with those who have lost loved ones in Newtown, CT.  This we all must do.

Q: What is it time for? 
Some will say it is time for more stringent gun control.  Such thoughts are mis-guided and politically charged to say the least.  

Q: What is it time for? 
Our President quoted from the Bible, all are calling for the nation to mourn and pray.  This was a 20 year old who grew-up in a system where "prayer" and the "Ten Commandments" were no where to be seen in his classrooms.

Q: What is it time for? 
It's time to put the 10 Commandments back into our classrooms and to allow for our students to engage in prayer in their schools.  

We will remember these families and keep them in our prayers, and will continue to long for a nation that turns to God in good time as well as in bad.  Nuff said.  

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