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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why Should I Be A Good Steward...of Creation?

Since we are God’s stewards over His creation, what should be our motivation?

Q: Are we good stewards for pragmatic reasons or for moral reasons?

A1: The pragmatic view would suggest that we should be good stewards over God’s world because our survival depends on it. For example, if we start killing snakes to the point of extinction, we could cause an overpopulation of rats and other vermin that snakes have as their normal diet. 

A2: The moral view would suggest that we should exercise good stewardship over the physical world because to do so demonstrates honor and respect for God and His created order.

The Bible endorses A2  for good stewardship.  Having God’s perspective, we would not destroy snakes to the point of extinction, but we exercise discernment in protection of ourselves and our families from the danger that some snakes impose. Francis Schaeffer said, 'We show honor to the physical world with which God has a covenant relationship. Christians should exercise God-given wisdom as we exercise dominion over His created world.'
Whether money or life, we are to be good stewards because it honors God.  I've seen Him bless such obedience.

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