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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lead Others In Worship Through Giving - 1Chronicles 29:1-6

According to this passage, the Chronicler explains how David exhorted the assembly to follow his example of stewardship.  Verse 6 states plainly that the leaders of the tribes of Israel followed David's inspiring leadership.  Verse 9 relates that the people rejoiced when they saw their leaders give willingly and liberally. 

So, how is the giving going in your church?  Has the 'economy' impacted your personal ability to give?  I pray that God will miraculously bless us with jobs, crops, etc. in order that we might have the joy of leading others in worship through giving back to Him!  David led Israel in worship, praising God for His greatness and acknowledging that the gifts came from the Lord Himself.

We don't know what others give, but just seeing folks put something in the offering plate encourages me to worship in like fashion.  (They usually have a smile on their faces too!)  :)

That's all for now, but visit again soon for more REDD-INK!

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