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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Giving Enriches Us - 2Corinthians 9:10-11

The American Dream may involve a number of accomplishments, but there is one that usually makes everyone's list:  "To become really rich."  Do you want to be really rich?  I'm talking about 'rich' in the fullest sense of the word!  If so, then you should start giving!  What?  You may think that's not logical, or a paradox at the least.  According to our passage, the Bible says to be truly rich you must be a giver, sharing joyously what God has given you.  (vs. 11) "You are enriched in every way for all generosity."  Smart farmers would not sell all of their harvest.  They would set back a portion of their crop as seed for the next season thus helping to enrich their household for the future.

When you give more, you create the possibility of gaining more.  What are these 'gains'?  Here are few for your consideration:  more personal satisfaction / knowing that for once you thought about somebody else's needs and not just your own / a greater sense of fulfillment / a deeper sense of belonging in the body of Christ.

  • How does your life change when you give to the needs of other Christians at your church?
  • What are some 'non-financial' ways you can give to the needs of other Christians?

That's all for now check back soon for more Redd Ink.  <)))><

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