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Monday, April 19, 2010

Excuses for NOT Giving

Have you ever heard, or maybe you yourself have said, "I'll wait until I have more money before I tithe or give an offering to church."  They look at their checkbook and decide they barely have enough to live on so how could they make it through the month if they gave away 10% of what they make!

I remember Herschel Hobbs relating a story of a guy who was known for his generosity.  The man was asked how he became such a big giver.  He replied, “By tithing my first week’s salary of $2.50.” Then Hershal said, "Few people learn to tithe the much if first they have not learned to tithe the little."

Don't fool yourself.  If you are not willing to give 10% or more to God from what you  make now, it is very unlikely that you will give 10% of a larger amount later in life.  Such a person has no idea what they are forfeiting by holding on to that tenth.  Oh how blessed it is to give God the first 10%!

  • How much more would you need to increase your offering to get to 10%?
  • Would you pray and ask God to show you and help you learn to tithe?

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  1. I like that picture! Good job on the post.

    I'm glad I'm married to you!


  2. Malachi was only addressed to OT Israel which was commanded NOT to share its covenant with us.

    Nobody can give true biblical tithes today.

    As in Malachi 3:10-11 true HOLY biblical tithes was always only food from inside Israel. Tithes could not come from what man produced or from outside Israel. Is not that what the text says?

    The only way to be blessed under the OT was to observe all 600+ commandments per Gal 3:10-13. That included KILLING your disobedient children per Ex 21:15, 17.

    NT post Calvary giving is primarily sacrificial. For many that means more than 10%. However many are giving sacrificially even though less. Follow your heart. Our God is a New Covenant God.


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